Native Erasure: CNN Labels Native American Voters as “Something Else”

Just by Googling “Native American vote 2020,” it becomes obvious that the erasure of the Indigenous populations of America is still underway. CNN had a graphic that labeled Natives “Something Else.” The irony of the graphic is that they clearly labeled Asian voters, who are at 3 percent, and neglected to do the same for Native Voters, who made up a higher percentage.

It made me wonder if it was just a simple error or if it was something more nefarious. Maybe it was a mistake by a new intern. Well, after digging a little deeper, it seems that the network hasn’t even apologized for the graphic. The only things I could find that come close to an apology are a Twitter post that doesn’t link anywhere, and an email from a network VP of communications to a Canadian media outlet.

A blatant example of Native Erasure #SomethingElse

Now, why would they issue an apology to Indigenous voters in the U.S. at a Canadian outlet? This is a blatant example of Native erasure. Acknowledging that Indigenous people make up 6% of voters would unravel the idea of the “extinct Indian.” Maybe that’s why they felt the need to label Native voters “Something Else.”

Featured Image from Twitter

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